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Inventive: "Having the ability to create or design new things or to think originally. Showing creativity or original thought."

Inventive Software is a technology company that designs and engineers professional, high-quality, bespoke, custom-built software for websites, desktops, servers and mobiles. My flexible design philosophy enables me to produce versions of the same software for PC, Mac and Linux as well as mobile platforms such as iPhone, Android, iPad etc.

I am a Midlands-based website developer and don't 'farm-out' work to overseas agencies - my clients' own experiences tell me this isn't a good idea! All of my Bespoke Software is produced in-house in the UK.

I specialise at integrating large and complex databases to be shared across a network or securely over the internet. I can design custom software to use encrypted databases on users' systems to prevent unforeseen data loss through lost laptops and missing memory sticks. Using encrypted data also prevents competitors accessing your data should they find it in their hands.

Bespoke software can dramatically reduce deployment costs as there are no ongoing licence fees and installation options can be tailored to suit specific requirements during the initial design phase.

Whether you wish to install our custom software on one computer or 1000, the cost is the same and you can deploy the software on as many systems as necessary - as your business expands, your software costs won't.

If you would like to talk to me about a project, then please call 0121 240 7532 or email info@inventivesoftware.co.uk with your enquiry.

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